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You can join for one day and select the price according to your income.


Friday Pass for 60 euro / 80 euro / 100 euro

Saturday Pass for 60 euro / 80 euro / 100 euro 

Sunday Pass for 60 euro / 80 euro / 100 euro

40 events with

22 facilitators from

7 countries. 

We have limited space! Buy your festival ticket now!  You can buy a 3-Day Pass for the entire festival, or a 1-Day Pass for a specific day. 

3-Day Pass/

We offer 3 different price categories for the 3-Day Pass. Choose the price you want or can pay for.


There are still 0 3-Day Passes available for 160 euro

There are still 10 3-Day Passes available for 190 euro

There are still 20 3-Day Passes available for 240 euro

Please note: The program and schedule can be subject to last minute changes.


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